Choose Huber Landscaping & Excavating LLC to complete your next landscaping project.  As with all of our work, we take great care in making sure that your landscaping is second to none.  We use quality materials, time tested construction methods, and an incredible attention to detail to make sure that your project is the best value and quality for you.


Using years of experience in carpentry we can help you with your deck projects.  We are experienced in building both traditional wood and composite decks.  We love to work with our clients on the details too, the perfect color, railing, and trim all help extend the livable area of your home.  


Let us handle the hard work and sweat that go into building the hardscapes for your propery.  Moving thousands of pounds of crushed stone, sand, and pavers/bricks can be a daunting task requiring multiple trips and back-breaking loading and unloading.   

Many times patios and stone walls are the last thing that homeowners think about but they are often great to help with keeping the outdoors from getting tracked through your home.  Need a walkway from the pool or driveway to the house?  Do you have a bank or flower bed that keeps washing out every time it rains? We can help keep that dirt and mud from constantly getting in the house.


Trees and Shrubs

Do you have your heart set on a specific maple or magnolia tree for your front yard?  What about some hollies to bring beautiful winter color to your property?  Our connections to local nurseries help us get you great prices on your next tree and shrubbery purchase.  We also have access to nurseries that do not sell retail, meaning we can provide you beautiful and unique plants for your landscape that you wouldn't normally be able to buy.  What about a flowering tree that will provide years of beauty to your yard?  We can help you choose and plant your shrubs and trees.

Stump grinding

We can remove even the biggest stumps affordably and quickly without tearing up your yard.  We help make your yard look better without leaving a trail of collateral damage.





We are the perfect size company to complete residential excavating jobs.  We don't drag huge equipment through your yard leaving a wide swath of collateral damage.  We also are able to take many smaller jobs that larger companies either won't take or don't have small enough equipment to complete.  Let us know the next time that you need dirt moved on your property so that we can help.


We can help you with excavating for your residential utilities needs.  Whether it's for new construction or updating your current utilities we can help run buried lines.  Working with various contractors we can get your project done.


Water run-off problems?  Dealing with a lumpy yard?  We can help grade your yard for form and function.  Not just making it more livable but also more attractive.  We can also help add and update stone driveways. 



Storm Cleanup/Brush Removal

Let us handle the hard work of cleaning up after a bad storm comes through.  Or even if it's just after your outdoor spring cleaning we can help get rid of the mess.  We have the equipment and skill to handle any size mess.